Laintex Veterani has a multidisciplinary engineering team to meet the specific needs of each client.

Construction equipment

The most advanced commercialization in designing and manufacturing moulds for all kind of concrete pieces, optimization and improving the manufacturing productivity, as well as a long life spam for all the components. These moulds are ideals for intensive productions.

Machinery for concrete

The most advanced machinery commercialization, diverse and competitive on the market, for manufacturing hollow-core slabs, prestressed beams and concrete batching plants.

Spare parts

Wide range of spare and consumable parts commercialization for all related with elements and construction machinery, like: wedges, diamond cutting disc, magnets, fixing steel clips, vibrators etc.


Decoration paints for façades and interiors. Industrial paints for industrial process like: vacuum metallization, gravure, flexography etc.

Agriculture technology

Irrigation equipment, greenhouses, plantations…


Manufacturing, commercialization and installation of pontoons and singular structures in aluminium and steel, of the M3 Marinas mark, for over 40 years of experience in the market. See our webpage.