Los Xaldos de Makapeha: guarantee of quality, responsibility, service and proximity

Los Xaldos de Makapeha is a brand of Laintex Veterani S.A., pioneer between Spain, Russia and CIS countries since 1975 with the export of olives and olive oil. In 2001 we created the Los Xaldos de Makapeha brand, products of great quality and typical of the Mediterranean diet.

All Los Xaldos de Makapeha products meet the highest standards of quality. Our factories concentrate the best technologies that allow us to select the product carefully, to be respectful of the production process and the environment.

Behind Los Xaldos de Makapeha there is a great team, knowledgeable about the history, the countries, and cultures, traditions of the language of the different places where we work and with great friends after more than 35 years working with our clients daily.

Currently we are present in: Europe, Asia, Africa and America, with own offices and distributors with more than 25 years of relation. You can find us in the main capitals and fairs of the sector.


We work with the best varieties of olives: cacereña (for black olives) and manzanilla (for green olives). Another characteristic that increases our quality is that each type of olive is produced in a single factory, thus maintaining the same flavor and process of all our production.

Olive Oil

In our factory we pack the oil following the traditional way, is a 100% natural process. To maintain the quality of the oil we only work with olive oil of the current campaign, we never use oils left over from previous campaigns.


We have the best varieties of tropical fruits: pineapple, mango and tropical fruit salad. In formats of 425ml, 580 and 850ml.

Cheese and sausages

Ham and different types of Spanish cheeses under the brand Los Xaldos de Makapeha is quality guarantee. We have diferent types od Cheeses: goat, sheep, mixture cow, sheep and goat and Manchego sheep( Denomination of origin of La Mancha ) all are available in formats of 200gr, 1kg and 3kg.

Food aditives

We have AGAR AGAR, 100% natural product of sea origin that is used in the food sector as a thickening agent, gelling agent and stabilizer. It is used in confectionery, jams, pastry, bakery, creams and sauces, dairy…

Fish and seafood

We distribute different assorted fish and seafood with our guarantee and quality. According to the season the best varieties in blue fish, white and seafood.